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Fencing Options

Southampton Fencing Services supply and fit all styles of fencing all over Hampshire. To see some of the options available to you please click the icon.


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To start the process of having a new fence/gate/trellis fitted, we recommend that you browse through our website to help side step any issues that could occur during your fencing project. This way you can be armed with information to ensure you can make the correct choice for your specific situation.

  • Southampton Fencing Services guarantee quality
  • All types of fencing supplied and fitted
  • Close board, post and rail plus gates and railings fitted
  • Feather edge, trellis work and custom built gates available
  • Fully insured work and free estimates come as standard

Our Work

The majority of our work is a simple 8 step procedure:

  1. Initial contact is made between a new client and Southampton Fencing Services.
  2. Southampton Fencing Services will visit you to survey your project and discuss the style and design of your required fence.
  3. A quotation will be drawn up and presented to the customer.
  4. A start time and date will then be confirmed for work to commence, and an action plan will be discussed with our customer so that they are fully informed and aware of the work schedule ahead.
  5. Materials will be delivered to property and commencement of work will begin.
  6. Remove and dispose of existing fence (where required).
  7. Erect new fence to customers satisfaction.
  8. The work area will be left clean and tidy with all generated waste removed on completion of the job. The customer will then be asked to settle the invoice only when completely satisfied.

When replacing or adding fencing that borders yours and your neighbour's property we would always recommend casino a note through the door or a quick friendly visit to explain to your neighbours exactly what work it is that you are having done and when. Often a quick heads up will avoid any issues as far as temporary privacy and security goes. Often we will need access to a neighbour's property to fit feather edge or capping so the heads up will give them no cause for alarm. It also avoids the possibility of escaping pets! It goes without saying that while we are on neighbouring property as always our upmost care and consideration will be given to ensure that there is no damage.

Important Note

Where there is an issue with your neighbours and all lines of friendly communication are down, it is important for you to know that if you wish to replace a boundary fence on your property's border you do not need permission from your neighbours.